Release Notes and New Features

Regular Monthly Content

  • New Academy courses and mini courses for your CPD
  • More teaching videos so you can see other teachers in action
  • Website reviews – submit your website
  • Studio walkthrough videos to find out how other teachers layout and build their studios
  • Tim’s Expert chit-chat videos only available to members
  • Webinars – public and members’ only
  • Live seminars with experts on topics you’d like help with
  • “Quick Win” videos for 3-5 minutes of inspiration between students
  • Lesson plans, PDFs and teaching tips

December 2019

  • Member Dashboard – More recent topics are displayed on the Member Dashboard. The news feed has also been extended to include a greater number of recent posts.

August 2019

  • Member Directory – Tim is always getting asked for teacher recommendations for students around the world. Formerly, the only way to connect enquirers with members is through the forums, but this has changed now that we have released our free Member Directory. It allows you to be found by parents around the world, if you choose to opt-in. The first part of this release is the new “Members Near Me” menu in the Inner Circle where you can connect with members in your area. Once members opt-in to this internal Member Directory, we’ll release the public Inner Circle Teacher Directory early in 2020.

  • Added “Resume Where You Left Off” in Dashboard. We’ve added a new section at the top of your dashboard providing quick links back to courses and training that you’ve started but not completed.

July 2019

  • Music Teacher Start Up – more and more members have been asking me to teach them about how I built my online profile and business and to share some of those secrets with them, so that they can apply what I’ve learnt to selling their own music, books, online courses, physical products and maybe even memberships as well! Covering marketing, technology, building products, feedback, research, advertising, etc. this is be a comprehensive course that is offered as an add-on to membership. Find out more here.
  • Repertoire Detective – We’ve added a database of all the best music that members are using with full search functionality, links to purchase/download and videos to watch the pieces performed. Unlike anything currently available, this is a game-changer for piano teachers. Fully mobile responsive, you can search by category or the kind of student you’re looking to find music for – adult, teen, transfer students, etc.

April 2019

  • New Inner Circle Website: We have released a complete update to the main members’ website in January to make it easier to find things, to enable you to track your progress more simply and to see all of your resources “at a glance”.
    • We’ve added a new Member Dashboard, to make it easy to see where you’re at with your courses and training as soon as you login
    • There’s a totally new menu system to make finding things easier
    • We’ve increasing the speed of the site and improving our tracking to show you more relevant content when you need it
    • We’ve added map geolocation so that you can see other members in your area and connect with them
    • Many other usability and content enhancements

January 2019

  • 5-day Piano Pivot – the pivot returns in 2019 for teachers looking to make lasting change in their studios in 2019. We take you through a 5-day program looking at you, your students, your business, your music and pull everything together into a plan of action for the next year. Stay tuned for more information.

December 2018

  • Inner Circle Members’ App: The App is now LIVE.
    • This app will make it super easy (and FAST) to post and reply in the forums, to track your course progress and access all your course videos and lesson plans
    • Quickly see what’s been going on as soon as you login
    • Get push notifications for topics and forums that interest you
    • Access your resources ‘on the fly’ whether you’re out and about or teaching

November 2018

  • New Podcasts now available in IC resource library: You can now quickly find podcasts, search for them by topic and access transcript and downloads without entering your email and other details.  
  • New Regional Groups: Members will be automatically added into groups with other teachers in their region. This makes is easier for you to connect with other teachers, organise meetings, find out about workshops and discuss local events/issues.

October 2018

  • Web Desktop Notifications: this new feature will notify you about new replies on your topics or if someone mentions you with a “desktop notification” and you have also a Notifications badge in the top-right avatar menu. This will help you to stay in the loop for all things piano teaching!

September 2018

  • New Resource Library: totally new interface released with upgraded filtering functionality, making it much easier to find exactly what you want. Search by category of resource (eg. webinar, workshops, teaching video) and/or by subject (teens, group teaching, marketing, etc.).

  • Speed Upgrade: various speed and usability enhancements. You’ll access resources quicker than ever without pesky loading times.

July 2018

  • Search Box: if you are looking for something around the site and feel lost, with this new search box you can simply type it in and find it!

June 2018

  • New Mobile Menu: Mobile User Experience was improved: click the “hamburger” icon to access the navigation links on your mobile device. Better visibility and usability. This feature will make it even easier for you to consume IC resources when you’re away from the computer!

  • Forums Tagging system revamp: when you are writing a new topic or a reply, now you can tag a member by typing @ followed by a member’s name or username. A progress indicator will keep you company while the server is doing its thing. This makes it easier to engage with the community and to learn from other expert teachers. 

May 2018

  • Help button: clicking on this button will give you access to all the support you need! General website support, InnerCircle support, and you can also contact us if you have any kind of problems. We’ll be glad to help you!

April 2018

  • New Member Checklist: on the sidebar can you now see a nice new widget. Here you can find 5 challenges: beat them all to earn new profile badges. Completing these will ensure you’re getting involved with the community and getting the most out of your membership.

February 2018

  • New Favorites feature: you can now save posts, pages, courses, lessons and more as “favorite” items. You can manage your favorite list and pin some items to top. This will make it quicker and easier to find your ‘go-to’ resources, always handy at the top of the site’s sidebar.

January 2018

  • Studio Growth Roadmap: this is a big new feature! The purpose of this roadmap is to guide you through the complete process of creating a successful piano teaching studio, one step at a time. This approach will give you confidence knowing you’ve covered all bases. You can take the “getting started” quiz or just choose a stage to get started. Best of all, you can ‘start driving’ from anywhere in the roadmap!


  • Roadmap progress indicator: a progress indicator will show you all the Roadmap lessons that you are taking and how many steps are missing to completion! This will help you to organise areas you still need to work on. 
  • Mark Complete/Incomplete buttons: it is now possible to ‘Mark Complete’ and ‘Mark Incomplete’ topics and lessons within courses. It’s perfect to keep your course progress organised, so you know what lessons you’ve followed and what you still need to complete.