[Live Workshops] How to Simplify Pop Music

One of the hardest things about encouraging students to play pop music is when they bring some unintelligible, internet-downloaded disaster of a score and expect you to help them learn to play it!

Have you had that experience?!

The more you work with pop, the more this is going to happen and even if the arrangement itself is OK, what do you do if the music is simply too hard for your student?

In the first in this 2-part series, I explore what you can do to help.

The first example takes a look at a case study piece: David Bowie’s Starman and how I helped simplify it for one of my teenage students.


In the second video, I continue this idea looking at a piece by Elton John and another by Coldplay:


Resources Mentioned:

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  1. Giselle

    Fantastic. Makes me realise how much I’ve developed since joining Inner Circle. I actually do most of this stuff already, and it’s true – the students think it’s amazing that you can start playing the base line as the clip is being played the first time with them!