[Live Workshop] Using Free Scale Backing Tracks in Your Studio

As part of last year’s Transform Your Teaching Workshops, Paul and I did a fair bit of work with teachers exploring backing tracks – both for scales, improv and performing.

In today’s improv teaching idea, we explore backing tracks for scales, and how these can really motivate your students. We also explore ways to get students out of the “standard” fingering by adding extra notes to scales. Check the video to see how it works.

Links to the free backing tracks, kindly created and shared by Paul, are below. Also check out his Practice Buddy free on easilearnmusic.com.

Watch how to teach it in this video from the live event:

What you’ll learn

  • How to use free backing tracks in your teaching and your students’ practice
  • How adding 9ths and extra notes to scales can really help versatility and add interest to scale practice
  • Blues scale practice and backing tracks
  • How Paul’s “Practice Buddy” technology can help your students


Feel free to leave questions below.