[Live Workshop] Blues Scale “Fragments” – Group/Indiv Improv Idea

As part of last year’s Transform Your Teaching Workshops, Paul and I spent the afternoon exploring improvisation ideas that are easy to implement in your studio.

You can watch the first improv idea here: Ye Are a Pirate Improv Video and Lesson Plan.

In today’s improv teaching idea, we explore jazz improv with a blues scale using “fragments”. It’s another simple but engaging idea that students will enjoy.

Like the Pirate improv, this works in group and individual settings.

Watch how to teach it in this video from the live event:

What you’ll learn

  • How to use the Blues Scale in a new way for improvising
  • Getting kids off the bench
  • Ideas for group and private teaching improv


Feel free to leave questions below.


  1. Alex

    Hi Tim,

    Where should I head to find upcoming pedagogy events like this? Would loved to have attended this.



  2. Jo

    Hi! Re the blues scale “fragments” group improv/worksheet….is there a video for viewing? Nothing appearing with the post? Thankyou!