The Complete Guide

to Songwriting

with Simon Rushby

Next-level composing with an industry expert.


Do you want your students to be 100% engaged and feel encouraged to compose songs as part of their musical study?

Introducing the Complete Guide to Songwriting Course

Tim Topham's 4-Chord Composing Course looks closely at how you can create music from a harmonic point of view. This course looks at it more from a melodic point of view, but we will also marry the two viewpoints together.

What's Inside:

Course Intro:

The Art of a Song

History of songwriting, how to foster creativity and the main ingredients of a song

Episode 1:

Anatomy of a Song

Introduction to the composition of effective melody, harmony, tonality and structure

Episode 2:

The Ingredients of a Song

Analysing melodies, chords and structures

Episode 3:

Tunes That Get Stuck in Your Head

How to write the catchiest, most successful melodies

Episode 4:

Rinse & Repeat

How to balance repetition and contrast in a song

Episode 5:

Getting Lyrical

How to write lyrics

Episode 6:

2, 3 & 4 Chord Wonders Harmony

Choosing chords, the Circle of fifths, restricting chord choices and inversions

Episode 7:

Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus (Part A & B)

Structure – verse/chorus form and variants

Episode 8:

Stand Up for the Key Change

What to do after the second chorus – bridges and key changes

Episode 9:

The Fully-Fledged Song

Exploring ‘feel’, arrangements and other tricks to spice up your finished song

"I’ve known the importance and teach the primary chords to my students ALL. THE. TIME. Simon showed and explained these chords unlike I was ever taught and have ever taught. It all makes COMPLETE sense and I can’t believe I’ve never thought about it that way before… I think my mind might have exploded." -Tara

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Learn from the expert - Simon Rushby

Simon Rushby is a music education expert, teacher, performer, composer, an ABRSM examiner, and author who taught music in schools across the South-East of England. With over 30 years of experience in leading UK schools as a Director of Music, he’s worked with many students of all levels. He’s published several educational resources, including Discovering Music Theory, an ABRSM exam prep series.

As a composer, Simon has written songs that have charted for artists in Europe and Asia, and compositions that have been used worldwide for TV shows and commercials, including BBC, ITV, Sky and BT Sport in the UK. As an arranger, he’s been the lead on two albums for Alexander Shulgin, which have topped the charts in Russia.

Simon has created this fantastic course to share his extensive knowledge on the composing and songwriting with you. By taking this course, you will learn everything you need to feel confident and competent in composing your own songs.


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