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Are you looking for ways to make your lessons more creative and up-to-date?

Do you want to make a better income while teaching more engaging music lessons?

Are you looking to shake things up and join the creative teaching revolution?

Since 2016, TopMusicPro has been helping hundreds of music teachers re-connect with today's busy, over scheduled students. We provide the resources, guidance and expertise to create more meaningful music lessons.
Whether you are a new teacher wanting to start a music teaching studio, or a teaching veteran looking to refresh your approach, an TopMusicPro membership is the key to unlock all the creative teaching tools, business advice and support you need to become a more confident teacher and savvy business owner.

Over 1000 teachers have joined TopMusicPro.

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Find out how you can connect with today’s busy, overscheduled students in a new and profoundly creative way that will make them fall in love with the piano… and your studio!
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Use our training resources, lesson plans and live teaching videos to grow in confidence as you create innovative, motivating and fun lessons for all your students.
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Take the stress out of your studio marketing and stop worrying about student numbers by following our step-by-step marketing and business courses to help you build the studio of your dreams.
Beating Overwhelm


Join our supportive, global community and you'll never feel isolated as a music teacher again. Join TopMusicPro and instantly be connected with hundreds of other teachers and experts.

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Discover TopMusicPro Membership

Pedagogy & Business Courses for music Teachers

Everything you need to build and grow a thriving music studio. Your TopMusicPro membership gives you access to our growing library of over 25 comprehensive step-by-step video training courses. Here’s a sample of some of our most popular topics:

No Book Beginners

Let me show you the creative potential of your teaching when you set method books aside and explore improvising, creativity, aural and listening skills for up to 10 weeks with a new student.

  • Teach creativity before reading
  • Improve rhythm, technique and aural skills
  • Fun and motivating

Teaching Pop Piano

In this course, we show you how to teach chords and lead sheets, how to simplify music that's too hard, how to teach tricky rhythms and discuss the impact of YouTube.

  • Teach any pop song without preparation
  • Avoid re-arranging songs for students
  • Get students singing

4 Chord Composing

Watch as I take you step-by-step through my chord-based composing approach that kids of all ages will LOVE. I teach a student live in class so you can see exactly how it works.

  • Composing using pop chords
  • Super engaging for students
  • Teach theory through practice

Online Studio Launchpad

Having an effective website is VITAL for your studio marketing. We take the fear and uncertainty out of building your online presence in this comprehensive video course.

  • Step-by-step PDF guide
  • On-screen video tutorials
  • Includes Facebook pages

Group Teaching

Group music Teaching is becoming increasingly popular around the world. This course takes you through the process of converting to group teaching or adding a group element to your current studio.

  • Group teaching lesson plans
  • Running music ensembles
  • Recommended equipment

Building a Music Academy

Ready to grow? Find everything you need to build your own music school/academy. From hiring teachers, to systems and productivity, finding the right space and updating your policies.

  • Knowing the right time to expand
  • Productivity and systems
  • Hiring teachers and admin help

20+ more courses to be discovered in TopMusicPro, with topics spanning teaching, marketing, technology and more.

Repertoire Detective

This searchable database of all of our favourite pieces is the perfect place for you to find fantastic music for your students based on their level and style of music. You’ll never feel stuck for repertoire choices again.

Studio Growth Roadmap

Access the exclusive Studio Growth Roadmap to guide you through every step of starting, building and growing a vibrant music studio.

The aim of this stage is to help you establish your philosophy of teaching, set your studio vision and decide on what format your lessons will take.


Start with Why

An understanding of your teaching philosophy and what you’re trying to achieve is critical to your studio’s success.
Live Coaching

Your Students

The planning process starts with the end-goal for your students: What are they going to be able to do?
Member Forums

Time Management

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with information and ideas when you’re teaching. We’ll help you focus on what’s important.
Access to Experts

Lesson Structure

Set yourself up with a style of teaching that suits you and your business goals. How long will you teach? How much will you charge? We lay it all out for you.
Member Discpunts

New Teacher Q&A

We’ve answered all the most frequently asked questions from new teachers in our “studio questions answered” mini course as part of the Roadmap.
Member Discpunts

Avoiding Mistakes

Let us save you from some of the most common mistakes beginner teachers make, so you can focus on the important stuff: planning your teaching.

The aim of this stage is to create a strong brand and business on which to build your thriving studio business. We’ll set up your policies, procedures and processes in order to launch with success and start filling your studio with happy students.


Business Plan

Most teachers never receive formal training in accounting or finance. We’ll help you establish a 2-page business plan to formalise your approach.
Live Coaching

Know your numbers

While we might not like them, numbers are vital to the success of any small business. We’ll help you work out the most important metrics to track.
Member Forums

Legal and regulatory

We’ll help you work out the right structure for your business and get you over some of those legal obstacles including insurance.
Access to Experts

Studio name, branding, & logos

Contrary to popular belief, logos shouldn’t be the first priority for a new business! Knowing your brand and how you want to be perceived is far more important.
Member Discpunts

Studio policies

Studio owners young and old struggle to know how to properly word a studio policy (and stick to it). We’ll give you a template and show you the important factors.
Member Discpunts

Billing and Scheduling

Don’t waste time with Excel spreadsheets, cashing checks, creating invoices and chasing-up missed payments. There IS a better way!

The aim of this stage is to help you plan and integrate new teaching styles into your studio and to ensure that you can confidently teach anything!


Getting more creative

One of the main reasons that people join TopMusicPro is to get some fresh ideas for creative teaching and step-by-step plans for implementation. That’s what Adapting is all about.
Live Coaching

Improvising and composing

Improvising isn’t just about jazz. In this stage of the roadmap, we’ll be sharing lesson plans around helping students compose in pop and rock styles as well as blues and jazz.
Member Forums

Chords and lead sheets

Chords and harmony form the basis of just about all music, but ideas for teaching this aspect of music are few and far between...except here in the Roadmap where we lay it all out.
Access to Experts

On and off-bench games

Keeping students engaged through games isn’t just about having fun. Games are one of the best ways to teach and reinforce knowledge.
Member Discpunts


If you bought an iPad but find you’re not really using it, you’re not alone. Let us show you how to integrate technology into your teaching and make it a habit your students will love.
Member Discpunts

Special needs

Every teacher will experience the struggles and joys that come with teaching a special needs student at some point. Here is the ultimate guide to coping with a variety of special needs.

The aim of this stage is to set up your teaching processes including curriculum overview, lesson planning and student motivation and practice goals. We’ll also consider approaches for reporting progress and assessing students.


New student interviews

What to do (and what not to do) to get the most out of interviews and trial lessons with new students.
Live Coaching

Lesson and Curriculum Planning

Organising your approach to lesson planning is vital to having a calm and structured approach to your teaching and reporting.
Member Forums

Which beginner method?

We summarise the main beginner methods to show you what works best for students of all ages.
Access to Experts

Sheet music and repertoire

What’s the best music for your students as they progress? How do you keep the teens happy? What about “pupil savers” when students need extra motivation?
Member Discpunts

Exams and Recitals

If you think recitals are just about a grand piano on a stage and students taking turns playing, then we’ve got some great new ideas for you.
Member Discpunts

Parent communication

Keeping in touch with parents about their child’s progress, while setting boundaries and expectations, is a fine line. Let us help you with your approach.

The aim of this stage is for you to understand the possibilities for taking what you’ve built in your own studio and growing it even further through expansion that suits your lifestyle and goals.


Marketing and Advertising

If you want to grow your studio numbers, you’ll probably need to actively market and advertise your studio. But what’s the best way? We’ll show you how to get started.
Live Coaching


The forgotten metric of studio businesses. If you’re regularly losing students, then there’s a problem in your studio. Let’s fix that leaky bucket!
Member Forums

Group Teaching

Converting to a group teaching studio is one of the best ways to leverage your time and create more income. But it’s not for everyone. Will it work for you?
Access to Experts

Summer camps

Summer camp programs, masterclasses, recitals and special events not only help to supplement your income, but they are also important community-building activities.
Member Discpunts

Hiring teachers

What do you do when you’ve got a waiting list or want to cut down your teaching hours? You could charge more or you can hire another teacher. Is it as hard as it sounds?
Member Discpunts

Building an Academy

If you’re ready to take your studio to another level, this is the stage for you. We help with leasing property, hiring admin staff, marketing and growing student and teacher numbers beyond your dreams.

The aim of this stage is to help you pivot into the next phase of your career by leveraging the power of technology to launch a brand new offering to the market.


The big brainstorm: What’s next?

So you’ve got a studio that’s thriving and a great team in place. Now you’re itching for the next move… let’s brainstorm what’s possible.
Live Coaching

Content marketing

How to build an audience and grow a following. How to start and grow a blog. How to get traction and get your ideas found by other people.
Member Forums

Breaking it down and setting goals

Launching a new business or product is a HUGE process. Let us help you break it down by looking at case studies and hearing from people who’ve been there and done it already.
Access to Experts

Validating your idea

Before you go full-on into your new business, it’s important to test your offering first. You do that by creating a “minimum viable product”. We’ll show you how.
Member Discpunts

Marketing and Gaining Exposure

Getting in front of as many potential customers as possible is vital in the early days of a new business and will dictate how fast you can scale. A few tricks should get you rolling.
Member Discpunts

Launch day

The day has come: it’s time to launch your new product. How are you going to build interest and get people excited? Let’s help you make that launch the best thing you’ve ever done.

And so much more!



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Access to Experts

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Are you ready to revolutionise your studio?

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  • You are a caring teacher, but you just aren't connecting with the students of today.
  • OR… You dream of a full studio and a growing waitlist but you’re unsure how to do this
  • OR… You want to learn how to make more money without having to teach more hours
  • OR… you’re burned out from non-practising students, demanding parents and you need inspiration and support to re-ignite your teaching flame.
  • It’s time to make a change. Whether you need help with your teaching or your business, TopMusicPro membership is the only place where you will find proven and tested methods, courses, resources and personalised help to get you where you need to be: a confident, inspired teacher with a full studio, engaged students and happy parents. Join over 1000 teachers who have used TopMusicPro to change their teaching careers.

Learn how music teachers are growing their businesses

Are you ready to revolutionise your studio?

Let us guide and mentor you to achieve more than you dreamed possible.

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Monthly Subscription


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Perfect for teachers starting out. Access all courses, downloads and the roadmap and let us shine a path on your development.

  • Innovative teaching techniques
  • Business advice and guidance
  • 100s of tested lesson plans
  • Teaching and training videos
  • Support and understanding


Yearly Subscription


/per year

Best deal! Watch your teaching and business skyrocket and get 2 months free when you join us on a professional plan.

  • 12 months for the price of 10
  • Innovative teaching techniques
  • Business advice and guidance
  • 100s of tested lesson plans
  • Teaching and training videos


Membership and Coaching


/per quarter

For teachers who want to break through to the next level, this package includes 1-on-1 weekly professional coaching and training plans.

  • Everything in professional, PLUS:
  • 1-on-1 weekly live coaching
  • Professional mentorship
  • Personal training plans
  • Charged at $499 per month
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Frequently asked questions

Click on the question to find the answer to some of the most asked questions about TopMusicPro.

Is TopMusicPro the place for me?

  • If you're one of my blog readers, video watchers or podcast listeners, then you're probably a perfect fit for TopMusicPro. However, just in case, scroll back to the section above called "Is TopMusicPro right for you?" to check.

I can’t afford this. I’ve only got a small studio!

  • It’s important to view your TopMusicPro membership as a business investment, rather than a personal expense.
  • If you’d like to grow your student numbers and create a sustainable business, then investing in TopMusicPro will help you achieve that goal much faster than working on your own.
  • In addition, because this is a business investment, you should aim to cover your membership from your studio admin fees and deduct it from your business account
  • For example, let's say you teach 30 students. If you charge an admin fee of just $15 per student for the year, you've easily covered the cost of your membership. This is how many members invest in their business without it coming out of their own ‘back pocket’.
  • Try and consider your subscription as part of a bigger picture growth strategy for you and your studio. Oh and remember, it's likely to be a tax deductible business expense (depending on your jurisdiction).

Do you charge extra when you release new courses?

  • Not a chance!
  • While other memberships may charge more for access to new courses (and even old content!), your investment unlocks everything past, present and future.
  • When you sign up, not only are you locked-in at your sign-up rate for as long as you remain a member, you also get access to all future webinars, online training courses, downloads and lesson plans as part of your membership.
  • With a comprehensive new online training course being released on average each month, the value of your membership will only increase over time.

How is this community different to the Facebook groups I follow?

  • I find there are three big problems with Facebook groups: it’s too easy to get distracted, there’s too much complaining and it’s really difficult to search.
  • TopMusicPro's exclusive forums are designed around your needs and development. Without the noise of Facebook and its cat videos and whingers, you can get straight to work, asking the questions you need and getting responses from around the world.
  • You can easily search anything on the site (including all discussions) using a dedicated search bar at the top of every page.
  • Only members and our invited TMP Expert Teachers are allowed to use the forums, so you get the best possible answers from the most experienced teachers, without all the distractions and complications. And you can access it all from your very own dedicated app.

Is all the content available straight away?

  • Yes. When you become a member, you get access to everything. The only thing that isn't there is the stuff I'm still creating :)

What if I'm already a great teacher with a full studio? Is there any point?

  • By sharing your own ideas and helping other teachers, you'll develop and grow as a teacher. Regardless of how experienced we are, there are always new things to learn and try and being inside TopMusicPro is the BEST way to keep on top of new developments in our industry.
  • One of the best ways I’ve found of continuing my own professional development is by coaching other teachers as it really helps to unpack my own understanding of topics.
  • Lots of our members have big studios, contracted teachers and even multiple locations and they choose to continue their membership to pass on their knowledge to other teachers.
  • I've grown into the teacher I am today by sharing everything that I know; join us in TopMusicPro and you can do the same.

What exactly is included?

  • Access to our private members’ forums where you can ask any questions you want. It's completely searchable and quick to access.
  • Full access to all current and future online training courses including No Book Beginners, PianoFlix: Teaching Pop Piano, 12 Bar Blues, Studio Marketing and 4 Chord Composing.
  • All our teaching videos, worksheets, lesson plans, etc.
  • Access to webinars and training replays, members' only updates and blog posts, QnA sessions and other regular content updates.
  • Full support from me and all other members via the forums and with our support team via dedicated member chat.
  • Discount codes, course and resource recommendations and bonuses from other teachers and providers from around the world.
  • “Growth Journals”, challenges, coaching, member rewards and much more.

Will you be adding new content or is it all there already?

  • New content is added regularly as I continue to develop new courses, lesson plans and downloads. In addition, all the items uploaded by members and our TopMusicPro Experts are freely available to use in your own teaching. That's why the forums are such a great place for sharing ideas.

How do I get value for money?

  • We’ll email you a weekly update of new releases, features, upgrades, top discussions and courses so you can get an overview of what’s been happening, even if you’ve been busy. We also do a monthly member update sharing some of the bigger feature releases and upcoming dates for your calendar.
  • Members see the best returns by committing a small amount of time each week to pop into the forums, share their thoughts, ask questions and generally get involved.
  • And remember that if you charge around $US40-60 per lesson, then the cost of TopMusicPro Membership is less than the income from just one of your lessons each month. Can you afford not to be involved?

Do I receive anything in the mail when I join?

  • TopMusicPro is 100% online. There is no mailed information, however from time to time I do like to surprise my members, so you never know!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

  • If you decide that membership isn't right for you, you have 30 days in which to cancel according to my 100% money-back guarantee.
  • If you do decide to cancel, while I'll be very sad to see you go, you'll be able to do this yourself with a few mouse clicks through your "My Account" page.

Still not sure?

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