This is a group for teachers who are exploring the next stage in their careers: selling courses online, starting blogs/podcasts, building retail outlets, writing books, etc. This group is for teachers who’d like to go beyond the realms of piano teaching into entrepreneurship and online business and are looking for more coaching and “next level” support.

  • Wow, yes, that’s a massive list of expectations. Start simpler IMO. Perhaps keep the strategy as your baby and get them to implement?

    Quick replies to your questions:

    • Would the title of “social media manager” fit even though it’s casual hours? >> Yes, that’s OK. I’m pretty sure that’s the title I gave the first person who took over my FB.

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  • @rosemariepenner it depends on the nature of the work of course, but I would just caution you not to assume they’re going to be faster than you in any case, and not to underestimate how much is obvious to you. E.g. you have a blog post about rhythm called ‘Finding the beat inside you’ and you would know straight away:

    1. What exactly it’s about

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  • Nicola, it sounds like I have too many tasks for those hours then & need to start smaller in my expectations.  Definitely much more comfortable hiring someone at a much lower number of hours.  Then, as time goes on increase both the hours & responsibilities.

    I’m looking, as an absolute minimum, for someone who can do the graphic design work usi…[Read more]

  • Great step to take Rosemarie, congratulations! The general description of what you’re looking for looks good. My only hesitation is the hours – are you saying that it takes you 8 but you’re expecting it to take them 3? I would always estimate that it will take another person about 1.5 times what it takes me, because I’m already familiar with my…[Read more]

  • After doing some research, I’m looking to hire someone to take over more of the social media side of things for me.  And, it looks like I can get someone to do this part-time/casual for a reasonable budget!

    I would be looking for this person to:

    • work 3 hours per week or up to 12 hours a month?
    • Can set own hours (up to the max agreed upon) as…

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  • What have you found to be the optimal video length for either your studio or online business?

    The reason I ask is that I’ve geared up this part of my online presence.

    Ironically as wordy as I can be in person or writing articles, my YT videos are actually quite short (under 5 minutes) … unless I am doing a tutorial for an app.

    It turns out I…[Read more]

  • Update:

    I’m using Hootsuite to schedule some of my social media which is turning out to be pretty easy to use.  At least once I figure out that you have to press separate buttons for making a post vs. a pin.  😂

    For The Unfinished Lesson, I’m now have:

    • Weekly blog: working on linking up to other articles & opt- ins that have already been creat…

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  • Tim replied to the topic Essential social media in the forum Group logo of Next Level TeachersNext Level Teachers 4 weeks ago

    hey Janna. I’ve always had a presence on Pinterest and I think it’s built up
    over time which is perhaps why it’s working now. I’ve also given one of my team some training on it and I they’re definitely helping to shape and build it.

    as everyone’s said, it’s a testing and waiting game!

  • Jennifer, thanks for sharing what’s working for you!

    I’ll admit that IG has looked intriguing … & intimidating at the same time.  It’s the one platform that I hear really mixed results from, so it’s nice to hear a positive.

    And, thanks for reminding me that this all takes time to see results.  Success stories are great, but sometimes it can be…[Read more]

  • Tim, thanks for sharing how this works for IC!

    I’d read/heard that Pinterest is gaining popularity because those pins stay visible for so long & show up in search engines like Google as well.  I’m guessing it’s a combo between image & keyword rich material?  One business was trying to figure out why people were contacting them for a class promo t…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Janna!  I’ve been doing quite a bit of research & it really is so subjective.

    Thanks for sharing what is working for both your studio & SRWD!

  • My top 3 for my Music Educator Resources blog are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

    You will find that it is an experimentation game. And you will also find that it takes time to figure what works best for you. So be patient because it will take a little while to see what really works well or not long term.

    I am on pretty much every social…[Read more]

  • Janna replied to the topic Essential social media in the forum Group logo of Next Level TeachersNext Level Teachers 1 month ago

    Tim, this is interesting. When I really think about it, I haven’t had any families come to me through Instagram. I think I’ve just used it to keep the studio active in parents’ thoughts – as well as to build a stronger sense of community.

    I’m fascinated by your results from Pinterest! I’ve always dismissed it as being a place where people go to…[Read more]

  • Tim replied to the topic Essential social media in the forum Group logo of Next Level TeachersNext Level Teachers 1 month ago

    While my comments are related to marketing the IC, I thought I’d chime-in as it’s a great topic.

    I was recently interested to learn that Pinterest is a decent converter for us (and growing). As I’ve been focussing on YT with weekly videos for about a year, we’re also seeing conversions from that too. While IG is fun and engaging, it doesn’t tend…[Read more]

  • Janna replied to the topic Essential social media in the forum Group logo of Next Level TeachersNext Level Teachers 1 month ago

    Rosemary, great topic. This is probably fairly subjective; I hear a wide range of opinions and hopefully you’ll get several viewpoints on this. Here’s my experience:

    Instagram has gotten the most attention for my studio since Facebook change its algorithms a couple of years ago. My studio parents are growing younger by the year (hah!) and…[Read more]

  • I’ve finally taken the plunge & added social media channels to The Unfinished Lesson!  So far, so good on the scheduling … though it’s still early days.

    Quick question for all of you.

    What have you found to be the most successful channels for your brand?

    Since I know “successful” can mean different things, I am thinking engagement with your…[Read more]

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