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Welcome to the TopMusicPro Changelog where we keep track of all the new features and releases available to members.

The items listed below are in addition to our regular weekly and monthly content schedules which include:

  • New flagship video Courses or Workshops every month
  • Free sheet music to download and teach every month
  • Monthly Quick Wins and Creativity Kickstarters to give quick bursts of inspiration
  • Regular business and pedagogy resources to help refresh your teaching AND supercharge and streamline your business.
  • New discounts added regularly
  • Member-only Webinars and QnA Sessions each month

Here's what's coming up and what's been happening recently in TopMusicPro membership.

Jun 25, 2020

Commenting on Activities that are Forum Topics or Replies will create a Reply in the approrpiate Forum Topic

When a user comments on an activity on the News Feed page, we are now automatically posting a reply in the appropriate topic, if that activity is either a topic or a reply and the reply count is updated accordingly. This was done because users can create comments to such activities from both the site […]

Feb 15, 2020

Completely updated member app

We’ve been working hard on a new release of the free member app for about 6 months (sorry about the delay). We realise that many teachers find this a vital part of their membership and the app has been unstable for sometime. We hope that the new release is much more reliable and helps you […]

Nov 26, 2018

Member App Launched

The app allows users to: – Access Academy Courses – Browse the Community Forums – Watch InnerCircle training videos – Download lesson plans and resources – Track their progress towards Advantage Rewards