Preparing Students for Jazz Band Course

on October 21, 2020 by Fraser

How does a pianist move from being a soloist to playing in a big band ensemble?

Bradley Sowash would like to teach you how.

Before writing this course, he asked band directors, “What are helpful skill for piano teachers to know about preparing students to play in middle and high school jazz bands?”.

Here were their answers:

  1. “How to read chord symbols as opposed to notated music.”
  2. “What type of rhythm or groove to give those chord symbols.”

Taking this on board, Bradley has written this course with the goal of teaching you how to nail these important skills. Throughout the 9 video lessons, you will learn about the following important topics:

  • Interpreting and voicing chord symbols
  • Accompanying improvisers
  • Working within a rhythm section
  • Understanding stock jazz band styles